One Good Turn Tent

In May, 1965, the first Sons of the Desert meeting took place in New York City to celebrate the legendary team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  It began with the blessing of Stan Laurel himself and continues to grow today with more than 200 chapters (called “Tents”) worldwide.  In addition, there is an annual European Convention and a bi-annual International Convention. Members include actors, film historians, film preservationists as well as ordinary people from all walks of life.

In Southern Connecticut, the One Good Turn Tent meets ten (10) times a year to view films on the big screen. As well as screening Laurel & Hardy films, programs frequently include other rarely seen films of the same period, such as Our Gang, Charlie Chase, Edgar Kennedy, The Boyfriends, Thelma Todd, and many others.

Our annual membership dues are only $20.00 and cover an entire household.  Membership includes the One Good Turn Tent newsletter and an annual subscription to The Intra-Tent Journal, the international organization’s quarterly magazine. You’ll get news from around the world about such things as behind-the-scenes facts on the making of these films, interviews with technicians and performers from that era, and film preservation activities.

If you are looking for wholesome and inexpensive family entertainment and a chance to share some film history, please join us.